Out of Epica 2012

This friday, European advertising awards ceremony Epica was held in Ljubljana and I was kindly asked to collect this award …

… for my Paris colleagues and their extraordinary event for Scrabble.  And while I was there, I couldn’t resist noticing that some of the awarded works were better than others:

TVC, Aldi “Like Brands”  Campaign (only the first one) for making me laugh and Nike Write the future for a good football TV ad with high production costs that was legendary at the moment it aired for the first time.

Soundlogo for Hamburg Philharmoniker for noticing it. Festina Water Packaging for pure simplicity and being right on the money.

Good copywriting examples are Life’s turns in a second and maybe this one as well for Pause Live Tv. You have to admit they are funny in their own advertising way.

Fred&Farid with Cass Bird undoubtedly deserve more than gold for the ability to show jeans durability in such a wonderful way. And less with creating more kitsch with David LaChapelle and Uma Thurman for Schweppes: So Chic? Oh c’mon.