Photography lessons with Hiroshi Sugimoto

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Seascapes

Timeless and beautiful. In Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work, science is returned to the service of art. If you take a good look you will recognize the story behind every project and notice that Sugimoto is a quiet and persevering explorer of fascinating small details in the world which most of us would not care to look at for extended periods of time. He completely isolates the subject matter, places it under his microscope and captures it in a variety of subtle variations.

I highly appreciate his work, attitude and style. Here’s why:

“Suppose you shoot a whole movie in a single frame? And the answer: You get a shining screen. Immediately I sprang into action, experimenting toward realizing this vision. Dressed up as a tourist, I walked into a cheap cinema in the East Village with a large-format camera. As soon as the movie started, I fixed the shutter at a wide-open aperture, and two hours later when the movie finished, I clicked the shutter closed. That evening, I developed the film, and the vision exploded behind my eyes.” (Hiroshi Sugimoto)

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Theaters