Lady, they are after your dots

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

Just like everything with a tendency to communicate, fashion is an ever evolving obsession that fills the canvas with concepts, patterns and materials. And so does art.

Having so much in common, collaborations between the two are common. And the latest occured when the favorite brand for counterfitters around the world decided to »support« one of the biggest artists in japan.

Fashion usually feeds with everything beautiful and original, consuming every bit of it, putting it out of its context and on the market. Just like advertising.

When one thinks what a remarkable old lady who lives in a psychiatric institution and works in her studio across the road from 9 to 6 and a haute couture brand worth billions have in common, there is a simple answer. They are after her dots.

And even if the man with diamond earings (who maybe overlooked this) made a clear statement on the subject, wearable art can be understood in different ways. Just another case of cobranding, a hommage to the artist, artist selling her soul, attempt of bringing art to the masses or a garden party subject for the LV clientele.

With LV’s line ‘Life is a journey’, it can be anything.