Back To The Future

Since the Sports Almanac expired back in 2000, we have to rely on alternative clairvoyancies.

Predicting future never came cheap. In theory, the value of information (VOI) is the amount a decision maker would be willing to pay for information prior to making a decision. Today, destiny is trend, crystal-gazers are trend consulting agencies and clients are brands. And brands still pay a fortune to make fortune.

Mind the reading



PeclersParis is the leading trend, style and innovation consulting agency (they see it coming). For only 5000 $ you get one of many full reports on what the future is up to. It merges sources of inspiration from the past, present and future, taking into account socio-cultural evolutions to forecast trends and predict innovative creative scenarios applicable to design, fashion, consumer goods, architecture, food, beauty, lifestyles etc. It’s a long and promising thought, but it does deliver.

Peclers actually has intelligent, straightforward and believeable content (except for those dots in the logo). Here’s an insight. 


PeclersParis, Futur(s) 12

Peclers actually has intelligent, straightforward and believeable content (except for those dots in the logo). Here’s an insight.

New Social Contract by PP

»We have returned to a time when if you do something wrong or embarrassing, the whole community will know.” (Rachel Botsman and RooRogers, “What’s Mine is Yours”)

The democratization of Wi-Fi networks and Smartphones provide today’s consumers with a cloud of dematerialized possibilities that rematerialize when needed.

Collaborative consumption introduces a new form of trust intuit personae (a moral contract between individuals). Since our onlineactions influence our peers, we are shifting from an individualistic arrangement based on ownership, to a more interdependent and convivial social model based on trust … Read More

Just in case you’d like the whole picture

The current of embellishing the everyday, in development over the past few seasons, permeates all moods and infuses sophistication and refinement to the industrial aesthetics of RECONSTRUCTION, to the kitsch and show-off styles of DISTINCTION, to the great cultural myths of LYRICAL, and to the pared simplicity of ENLIGHTENMENT. This season is governed by the hand and the mind, united in the quest to find, create, enhance.

But then again, there’s always tomorrow.